Blooming Stripes......another blanket finished for 2015

All done and glowing on a glorious winters day.

This is a very big blanket and was a very large project to complete.

So glad I stuck at it.

I love the random striping.

The colours really are as bright as these beachside photos.

Loved working on this blanket, love the colours, love that it fits my QS bed and I simply love the very simple border.


Thermione is making time in the kitchen fun all over again

I've made so much with this great appliance, she hasn't had a day off since landing at our place.  Fun and simple cooking from the most basic ingredients, so good.  If anyone asked me if Thermomix are worth the money I would say YES!  If you love cooking good wholesome food simply then this is the gadget for you.  

Dear Husband and I attended a Thermomix Festive Flavour class hosted locally by some great demonstrators and reps.  We both learned an awful lot more about our Thermione and how to get the very best out of her.  We were very lucky on the day too, winning  a copy of the Festive Flavour cookbook and a gorgeous gingerbread house made by Leah. Picked up another great book by Jo Whitton of the great Australian Quirky Cooking blog. Pretty sure the class was a great success because Dear Husband came home and cooked for the first time with Thermione and made really good Mongolian Lamb for dinner all by himself.

At the moment I'm waiting for the almond biscotti to cook, great recipe from the Festive Flavours book which we sampled at the class.

Chicken and cashew nut risotto was my first effort with our new kitchen machine.

Homemade basil pesto great spread over a chicken breast, topped with tomato or avocado and mozarella, baked in the oven.

A jug full of fresh veges and herbs  and it made three jars of vegetable stock paste.  Great item to have in the fridge.  Down to my last jar now.

My sweet mango chutney is a winner, I'll be making that one again and again.

 ANZAC biscuits are so quick and easy to make up in the jug that weighs, heats, melts, cooks and mixes the raw ingredients.

Strawberry and apple jam is yummy, and perfect for making jam drops.

Hot chocolate, full cream milk and real dark chocolate melted and heated together.  Mmmmm!

Coriander and cashew nut pesto, wonderful flavours.

Rhubarb muffins with real egg custard was good on a cold night.

Chicken and asparagus risotto, a great success.

Lots of sourdough bread making going on too.

Todays' pair of loaves, one to keep and one to give away.

Time for afternoon tea! xo