I make quilts sometimes too

Now don't think I'm complaining but it has been raining for a number of days and I just have to wash my bed sheets and air the quilt. I just rushed out to rescue this quilt of the line and thought I should snap a quick pic and let you see one of my early quilts. It's a very dull day and the colours are a little brighter than this photo depicts.

I made this one called 'Simply Roses' in 2002 for a needlework group as an introduction to patchwork with a border by border or 'medallion' style. It was a great success and many girls around this area have a quilt from this design although they have all added there own embellishments along the way. The applique is all done by hand using the needle-turn method, the piecing was done by machine and a professional machine quilter custom quilted it for me.

I also discovered while out the back that the lovely little cucumber vine you can see in the photo has produced so I am heading back out to do some picking.

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