Salt may be good for gargling after a tooth extraction but not so great for steel in our coastal environment. I have live in this area for almost 17 years and have always meant to stop and take some photos on my way to town along the river, today I did!

This rusty old boat has always fascinated me and reminded me of the history of this area. There was once a quarry operating along the river that was the source of the stone for the 4 pylons of the Sydney Harbour Bridge which just celebrated her 100th birthday this month and boats were used to ship the stones to Sydney.

This 3 part quilt is called "River Barge" and it was exhibited at our local patchwork store last year as part of the "River of Art" festival and it is the rusty boat I photographed today with a little bit of added artistic license. This amazing quilt was made by Beth Miller of Canberra who is a leading textile artist in Australia. The quilt sold to a private buyer to grace the walls of their holiday house.

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