Why 'Plain Jane' you might ask

This is one of my great grandmothers 'Jane Elizabeth' who was my namesake but unfortunately until very recently all in the family believed she was 'Elizabeth Jane' so I am 'Lisa Jane'. I now know I should be 'Jane' so 'Plain Jane Creations' just seems to suit me.

I am in the process of finding where she is buried as this has also been a mystery to the family, she died in England in 1920 and her grave was never marked. Family moved to Australia and she seems to have been forgotten to most except for the mention of her on Great Grandfathers headstone in the NE of VIC, although her name is incorrect!

Jane died of TB at the age of 45 and I have always wondered about her life. What was she like? Did she knit or sew? I'll never know these things but it will be very good to finally know where she rests.

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