Pack a puncture repair kit next time

All loaded, after a little heated discussion about the order required to fit 4 bikes on a bike rack. Note to all other cycling families, take photo of loaded rack. What adventures will this years trip bring? Mostly fun but a few trying moments with over-excited cousins. No blood lost or broken bones and not even the usual problem of the sore butt, thank goodness for the modern cycling nicks. We cycled for 4 days around our nations capital, Canberra, exploring most of our public buildings, Lake Burley Griffin foreshores, the zoo and many exhibitions all in the safety of the many linking cycle paths. It was a great time and we are planning our next ride already. Highly recommended family holiday.

Little Sis cutting a fine figure at the Captain Cook memorial in her cycling nicks.

Little Nephew taking an unplanned dip into the waters of Lake Burley Griffin and meeting the local wildlife all because he can be very annoying especially to his dad, aka "Mr Blobby".

Dear Husband had a few punctures this trip, try 3! He hadn't packed a puncture repair kit either................he's a scientist! Enough said!!

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