I love where I live because........

.......it is so easy to get around by bicycle and you see so much more than if you whizz around in your car. Today was a perfect almost winter day to get out and snap some photos for you as we cycled around our area. Dear Husband and I rode about 18.5km this afternoon, it is great to just get out in the fresh air together.

To the south there is a fabulous island that is now connected to the mainland by a sandbar that has built up over the years we have lived here and it is a Nature Reserve, one day I will take you over there for a look around. This area was once a busy shipping harbour and there are a few relics left from those early days.

This is the mouth of the river and we live across this lovely protected bay and today the sea is very flat, but it can be a wild churning mess on stormy days.

The river mouth protected by a chain of rocks with a lonely pointed end that looks north to a small unmanned lighthouse that guides the many ships that pass by our shores every day.

Rock pools fascinate me and there are also many amazing rock formations all around this area to explore.

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Anonymous said...

You live in a beautiful area! I love lighthouses.