An incomplete quilt

For those in the know these are commonly referred to as UFO's or Unfinished Objects................and I have many of those just crying out to be completed. This one is a favourite as it incorporates my love of embroidery, needle turn applique, patchwork and hand quilting and it is so feminine and of course my favourite colours of pink and green helps. I think I will have to sit this in a prominent place so I notice it more often and do a few quilting stitches whenever I get a few minutes. It is a quilt called 'Leanne's House' designed by an Australian called Leanne Beasley . Click the photo for a closer look at the details.


Dee said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! I love quilts and your's is sooo pretty.

delesmillieres arlette said...

super photo, merci beaucoup j'ai bien recu les photos, du LH, merci encore