My new friend

I want to introduce you to my newest friend, Ron. We have only met by email and with one phone call and I am very much looking forward to meeting him face to face one day. My new friend is the husband of a second cousin of my mothers and we didn't know anything of this branch of our family until last month. This wonderful celebratory stamp was created by his granddaughter for his 90th birthday in February. I have to tell you he is the most interesting person I have met for a long time, he is so busy and enthusiastic about life and an absolute whizz on the computer and with a camera. He seems to think we should have our DNA analysed because we seem share so many interests and have very similar senses of humour but there is one area of our lives where we are not compatible and that is bicycling! So my message is "Enjoy Life" and value your friendships.

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lisa said...

That is a lovely nice to discover new (old LOL )friends, no doubt the reason for his longevity is his love of life and ongoing creativity.