New wheels

I've done one lap of our local streets just to see how this new machine goes. My old bike has carried me over many miles and I have had two great cycling holidays on her but it's well time for her retirement. She is a little freckly from too much salt air and a bit arthritic sounding in her major joints but I think my mum will enjoy pedalling around on her for a few more years. Dear Husband and I will have matching TREKS by days end and these will hopefully provide us with great freedom and fun out on the roads of Australia. We look at them as an investment in our future health and happiness. I would like to say "you are never too old" to get into cycling but a dear friend who is 90 recently tried to get back on two wheels and ended up flat on his back in his backyard and had an asthma attack from the shock, he has since given the bike to his neighbour. Note to Ron, notice the seat is considerably lower than the orignal photo I sent you so I should stay more upright than you did!

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Deborah said...

Stumbled onto your blog through the knitting ring. I had to laugh at your bike picture, I just got a new one recently also and have ridden every day around my neighborhood. I'm loving my new bike too.

I haven't had one in quite a few years. I forgot how fun they are.
My dog Sunny loves it too because I take her for a run along side me.

Happy biking and knitting!