Special Mothers Day treat for my mum

I hope my mum gets a real kick out of this old magazine I recently bought for her, it was published 3 days after she was born during the Second World War and it is very interesting reading. Lots of tips and hints for making the most of coupons, others ways to save money and recycle items of clothing which were all very important to the lady of the house during the war. The old advertisements are very curious, lots of potions and lotions which today are not marketed as they are very toxic. Everyone seemed obsessed with their bowel activity or non-activity in the 1940's by the number of adds fro laxatives! Anyway to all the mums out there I hope you do get a little spoiling tomorrow.

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metal and knit said...

Arent the advertisements funny in the older magazines and periodicals.

Love your quilt works I wish I was able to sew better than I can