The cruel sea

I have always loved the sea and have lived beside it for many years but you do have to remember its power. Finally the nasty weather is moving on but it has left it's mark along the shores. The beaches are covered in seaweed and debris as far as the eye can see. The high tide line has been eating into the fragile sand dunes. A seahorse was found, what a beautiful delicate creature they are. The water was bubbling and churning at the foot of the lookout and just at the base of the stairs to the beach a lonely fur seal had succumbed to the sea, poor thing. What a fabulous animal with not a mark on it and it's thick lovely fur coated with salt and sand. I apologise if this upsets anyone but to me it just represents the circle of life that we are all part of.

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Anonymous said...

The sea in the first picture is really churning. It looks very wintery.

I'm sorry for the seahorse and the seal. But, you are right's all in the course of nature.

Beautiful pictures of the ocean in spite of the destruction. We had a sub-tropical storm off our coast a few weeks back that really ate into the dunes and took out a few sea walls. The ocean can sure be destructive.