For those grey winter days

I have been inspired by the really awful winter weather lately, as you can see, a drab grey bag! Not very inspiring is it, but I think it will be the perfect partner for some of the winter clothes I have bought for myself this winter, grey seems to be in down here in Australia this season. Anyway grey is much easier on the eyes to knit than black but that it what I intend to tackle next when I have a design sorted in my head. I like to have the whole bag planned in my head before I begin to knit, might seem weird to some of you but that is how I create anything. I must have a clear idea of where the project is going before I start.

This grey bag will be felted and drying by days end. I hope to write the pattern up this week and you may even see me using it at the Sydney Craft and Quilt show this coming weekend.

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