Happily hand piecing hexagons

Click on the photo to see all the gorgeous fabrics and the hand quilting in the teachers quilt.

I have had lovely day today being a student in a quilt making class. This quilt is made up of hand pieced quilt as you go hexagons which are perfect for winter evenings and great for using up some of the stash of fabrics I have. These two blocks represent 3 hours of class time with lots of homework before the next class in a months time. It is a very rare event that I get to attend a class so I thoroughly enjoyed myself today and look forward to seeing my classmates colour combinations and inspiring ideas next lesson. It's raining and quite cold out tonight, I would say winter has really arrived here and it's time to settle in for an indoors long weekend full of sewing, knitting and good food. Bliss!


Anonymous said...

Your blocks turned out beautifully. Your weekend of sewing sounds like a perfect way to spend time.

Lynda said...

Lisa- What gorgeous quilt pieces! I'm afraid the quilt I started for my niece as a wedding present is still sitting in a basket waiting to be hand-quilted. She now has 3 kids! A tip on the cabled bag, too. You can always cheat if you aren't sure of your yarn, by using a strand of yarn and yarn needle to just gently whip some sts from side to side under your cable. For example, enter under a cable st from the right, pass under the cable and come out the left side. Go back in on the next st up, and under to cable to come out the right side again. I think that would probably work to ensure that your cable shows up afterwards. But I did find with the Cascade 220 that I didn't need to do that on cables. YMMV.

'L' said...

That quilt is truly fantastic, can't wait to see your finished version.