Naughty puss

I stepped out of the room for 5 minutes and looked what happened. That is my Rowan Kidsilk Spray very fine mohair and silk lace knitting that naughty Miss Belle has decided will make a comfy little resting place for her. Doesn't she know she is being naughty! What a wicked little puss. Darling Daughter came and asked whether she could use my camera for just one photo because her battery was flat and she wouldn't tell me what for. She came back and showed me this pic. She kept saying "You won't be happy mum". Our cat isn't allowed up on furniture and much less on my knitting. You won't believe it but she has a beautiful bed placed right near the fire! I hope to have this scarf finished and blocked ready for the weekend, only two patterns to go.


Corrie said...

oh wow I love your bag! well done and cats do love warm cosy homes so i guess knitting comes under that category.

thanks for popping by my blog, we are off to the quilt fair tomorrow if I'm feeling ok and I can't wait but I can't spend too much money since we're off to japan in a few weeks

a few crafters and I have been thinking about a stall at kirribilli markets so hopefully its been booked as I have a lot of baby beanies and longies coming along

Anonymous said...

Puss knew the "best seat in the house" when she saw it. LOL