I think she needs some retail therapy

You would think this bag would cheer the lady of the lamp up just a little. The colours are so cheery and that bag is made for serious shopping, so comfy on the shoulder and a good size to hold all the essentials a girl needs. Now seriously, this bag was a lovely knit and the only sewing up was the turnover to hold the rings in place, now that's good isn't it. I hate sewing up and I always design so there is minimal if any sewing up.

Kids are back to school today and the day will be mine for about 7 hours once I get rid of Dear Husband, he is a little late leaving as he had some overnight and early morning call outs. It was seriously cold here overnight, -3.1 degrees Celsius at 4am! Now to anyone in the northern hemisphere that mightn't sound too bad but you have to remember we live less than 100m from the beach!

I think I will sew today, let you all know later how that works out.


luv Abby said...

wow thats an awesome bag.... makes me want to go shopping and stuff it full of pretties...
well done
luv Abby

Anonymous said...

The bag turned out great!

You are suffering with cold. We are burning up with heat! It's unbearably humid outside already and it's just after 7 A.M.