Jet set patterns

Just a sneak peek of three of my knitted and felted bag patterns that are winging their way to California this week with a friend who is going to check whether there may be some wholesale interest in my patterns over there. They just need to be slipped into their protective plastic bags and driven into town ready to be packed tonight. Just wish I could fit in that suitcase too!

I use Panda Woolbale 100% pure Australian wool for my bags and I am just checking whether this wool is available in the USA currently. I have tried many wools but believe this wool gives the best smooth finish to my bags that are hand knitted but machine felted in the washing machine.


luv Abby said...

Great work lisa.... I bet ur excited to finally get ur patterns finished and making there way to the states... WELL DONE
luv Abby

Lisa said...

So cool! I hope they are a hit! I would buy them if i could knit :( I would love to, but knitting confounds me, i can't coordinate 2 needles, maybe it's because my hands are freakishly tiny. Was it a difficult process, developing and packaging/marketing your own patterns? I've been toying with the idea for awhile now.