New bag on the way

Here we go again! I have a new bag all mapped out in my head and I can't make my fingers work fast enough for the brain. Started this last night so should have it finished over the weekend. Off to the marine shop today to find the perfect stainless steel hardware for it. My Surfer Boy chose the order of striping and I'm going with it even though I know he is colour blind!! I am in too big a hurry to really care in what order the colours appear.


Dee said...

Perfect colors for a nautical feel. Did you get the hardware you needed?

Can't wait to see the finished bag.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can wait, your pretty good at knitting aswell, really fast. Would you consider making a bag that I could buy?? I love custom fashion, and my MaxwellScott bag has finally given up the ghost after years of service. all feedback appreciated!

Arubah said...

Thats a really nice bag, I personally prefer Leather handbags although there is a vast price difference between Maxwell scotts bags and your own :)