The ripple effect

Well, finally 'ripple' crochet that many other bloggers are working on has seduced me too! I bought a bamboo hook this morning on a whim and have just sat down with both American instructions and my Nana's Australian beginners crochet book, it is just like learning a new language but doubly confusing because they call the same stitch different things. Only after watching a short clip online of how the stitch it formed did I realise this!! Now I am rippling along fine and my speed and technique are improving as I ripple on. I am working my stitches into the back of the loop so I have a 'ridge' line which was a suggestion in one set of instructions. Any tips or advice from experienced ripplers will be most appreciated. Apologies for the really bad flash photo, but I just wanted you to see I have been able to learn something new all by myself!


luv Abby said...

hi lisa,
I love this design i made a blanket a few years back in dusty pink blue and green.... and it is sooooo warm and cosy...
love the purple..
luv Abby

Anonymous said...

Oh my golly ... everything old is new again. I remember doing ripple afghans back in the 70's.

I do "no ridge". I like the flat look.

Will your piece be a scarf?