Welcome to a new blogger

Today I came home to find a lovley comment from Meggy who is new to blogland and she looks like she is a great cook, something I would like to be but don't seem to make time for. I noticed in her profile photo a little cross stitch I had also done many, many years ago. I have just searched and found the little 'WELCOLME' piece with a stack of framed cross stitch that never made it back onto our walls after a repaint 4 years ago!

I also noticed with envy in my eyes Meggy's new icecream maker! We have just completed our annual accountant visit and it appears we will have a refund. Soooo, on the way home I told Dear Husband that I am going to order my icecream maker attachment for the Kitchenaid mixer then I will be able to make icecream, sorbet and frozen yoghurts whenever I want and I will actually be able to eat them because I will know exactly what is in them, can't wait!!

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