All dressed up with no where to go

Finished the beading last night, couldn't photograph this one till I had found some sort of closure embellishment to really set it off. This is a small bag just room for your essentials for a night on the town. The frill remains quite flexible after felting and the holes just add a little bit of texture to the black surface. I really like the row of dots on the handle, I think I will be using this feature more in the future. Would any of you use a bag like this? Is it a bit over the top? I need some opinions girls!


Meggy said...

It is in now way over the top, I think it is adorable and I just LOVE the closure... The frill works great after felting, use it with the knowledge no one else has one! :)

Donna said...

That is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen. No kidding. What a job you did. I would wear that any place day or night! You are one mighty fine knitter! The dots are just right too.