First tentative stitches

Darling Daughter picked up my knitting when I was working on the felted string bag a weeks or so ago and she did a few stitches. I suggested another set of needles for her and my bag of scrap wools and she could knit something for herself, so a new camera case was her decision and it worked out beautifully, she is secretly pleased with herself too. Actually once she started she couldn't stop knitting, it is addictive we know, and she loved working with all my scraps changing colours whenever she wanted. I did do the little flap and buttonholes for her but it is a fabulous first foray into the world of knitting.

With Darling Daughter starting off on her knitting pathway it made me think of my first projects and it was of course a scarf that took sometime to complete and I still have it. I also have a huge bag full of the jumpers and things I knit when I was a teenager and they are made from some of the most delicious wools from a time when our family lived in New Zealand. I have washed some of them up so I can include them today.

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luv Abby said...

what a cute camera bag.... it turned out really well....
luv Abby