Pay It Forward exchange

Thank you to all who commented on the Pay It Forward post. I have selected randomly 3 people who will be receiving a handmade gift from me in the post soon. They are gnat of Bark n Knit Meggy of Meg - A Day In The Life Of and Nan of Nannybird Crafts. Now girls all you need to do is make sure you have posted a Pay It Forward exchange promise on your blog and then email me with your postal addresses and don't hold your breath but very soon a little parcel will make it's way to your home from mine.

I have really enjoyed participating in this exchange and I hope it might encourage my blog readers out there to randomly go out of your way to do a kind deed for a complete stranger who crosses into your life sometime, it will make their day just that little bit brighter. Try it!

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Meggy said...

How wonderful, thank you so much. I am posting my pay it forward asap. :)