A curious incident

If you do nothing else this weekend, you must read this book. This book was recommended to me at a class this week and I checked our local library catalogue and they had one copy available so I went straight in and borrowed it. I haven't finished the book yet but is is a fabulous fictional insight into a 15 year old autistic boys life and the murder of a neighbourhood dog and how he goes about solving the crime. I loved it right from the start, you actually begin at chapter 2 because Christopher only likes prime numbers (think back to primary school and they are numbers that are only divisible by 1 and themselves). There is an entry for this book at Wikipedia but it gives away the whole story so don't get too curious, I closed the screen before I read too much!

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Harmany Quilting said...

Great book - my 9 yo son enjoyed it too. He calls it Asparagus Syndrome. I wanted him to read this book too as we have a friend who has this syndrome.