I see a Rainbow

Here is another fabulous backyard photo from the Curly One. I am sitting here right now listening to these very noisy Rainbow Lorikeets squabbling over spring nectar, there is more than enough for all of them I'm sure! Below is a photo I took 3 days ago while hanging out the washing, this guy was all puffed up squawking to try and keep hold of his territory. He spotted me up on a wall poking the lens of my camera over the fence and he wasn't pleased and I missed out on a good photo unlike Curly One's beautiful shot. She'll be annoyed and embarrassed that I blogged her photo but I am just envious and wish that I had taken it. Humble apologies Curly One! Click on the above photo to really appreciate the beauty of these gorgeous birds.


Anonymous said...

Anna (a friend of ours) has one of these birds and a red lorikeet as pets.

Chico-man (the rainbow lorrie) is very, VERY loud. Cherry-girl (the red lorrie) I have never seen anything but her eyeball looking out of her nesting box. Every time I go to feed themwhen Anna is on vacation, Cherry-girl hides and I get the stink-eye from inside the box.

Chico-man loudly demands his dinner!! I'm NEVER quick enough for him.

Tell Curly-girl her photo is my wallpaper on my computer today. Her picture is BEAUTIFUL!

Nan said...

This is absolutely stunning! I love the shot curly girly got! I bet Curly One will be secretly proud you admired her work and wanted to share it.

Donna said...

My goodness they are breath taking and so beautiful. How lucky you are...and I was excited to see a Monarch Butterfly in my back yard in New Jersey! Thanks for the photo. Your bag is truly a work of art. felting is so much fun, but your bag was beautiful before too. Such even tension...I am jealous!

Nan said...

A second comment, but it's how I'm suppose to do this, you need to go to my blog and read the last entry, you have something waiting for you there!