First day of the 'Nippers' season

Click for a closer look at this art work

It's late spring and already it's feeling very summery. Darling Daughter is in her second last 'Nippers' season and was keen to get back into the swing of things, first up a board race way out to sea around some cans and then back in on a wave, fun. She was really excited and happy because she met a new friend who has just moved to Australia from Zimbabwe, fun times ahead this season. Surfer Boy I have to say wasn't keen, he's way too cool for 'Nippers' and the Surf Club it seems but with some encouragement he had a great day as a Water Safety person, making sure none of the young nips got into trouble in the surf. He is a patrol member so he is used to the rescuer role and he amazingly ended up staying for an extra 2 hours doing special senior training and had a great go on a ski!

I also had a lovely time, walking and scrounging in the debris brought in by the very high tide due to the full moon last night, there is always something interesting to see on a beach. Found a very expressive piece of beach sculpture 'Blue Rubber Glove' by unknown artist! Many people walk this beautiful beach as I saw by the number of different footsteps in the sand. A shy little gull was peering at his reflection in a shallow pool. Barnacles and blue bottles caught my eye.

Happy Days, summer is the best time of year for our family.

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