Bluey has taken up residence

This little friendly guy has moved into the retaining wall of our raised garden bed out the back. Now I don't have to worry about putting snail bait out, he will do a much better job. He is a bit timid at the moment and darts back into his hole which takes him inside the wall which would be a lovely warm place for him to reside. One day I will capture a shot of his very blue tongue. Click on his photo for a closer look at his details.


Dee said...

I need him to take care of the slugs and snails in my garden. Does he like to travel?

I promise to take good care of him and serve up only the juiciest of slugs.

Nan said...

OK, snakes are NOT my thing... but at least this one is a useful fellow, you don't need to worry about me wanting to take him home like Dee wants to!

Nan said...

OH! NOW I see his legs, how silly of me, I dislike snakes so much that just the sight of his head made me assume he was legless! Yikes, what a goof I am for being so squeamish that I didn't look any closer then that.