Manny in the garden

'Manny' was my 40th birthday present to myself, I only wish I had met her years ago. She is a joy to work with, so much easier than fitting clothes to yourself and I invariably end up sewing in my underwear because I get sick of dressing and undressing. This is not a good look when the kids and their friends pop into the sewing room to see what I'm up to! This week I have made two skirts ready for summer, this little A line one is the same as the one I made last summer (below)it is just so easy and comfy to wear, it is New Look pattern 6354 or those who need the info. I bind the edge with a strip of bias cut fabric which avoids raw edges and hand sewing, a bit of heavy zig zag top stitching and it's done. The other one I made is the short straight version and it looks cute also.

I picked up these three fine cotton voile fabrics yesterday, perfect for a few little light summer tops. Just waiting for the pattern to arrive. I don't know about all you girls of a similar age to me but I don't seem to be able to find clothes that aren't either for the younger girls or for grandmas down here in Australia this summer. Is it just me? I have always loved sewing clothes but haven't done so for quite a few years so thought I would just have to get back into it. I only plan to make some simple styles up to provide me with a basic little wardrobe that is easy and comfortable to wear, will keep you posted how this works out.


luv Abby said...

I love the cards... what a great idea... and the manniquin... wonderful I am so jealous!! hehe
luv Abby

Levin (and Emily) said...

i find buying clothes hard as i'm a bit big (bigger than i should be) and so most things don't look good.
i'm trying to lose the weight, but it seems to be harder now that i'm older :(
I need to find some patterns that are easy to sew and look good too! must get into spotlight as i'm pretty sure they have cheap patterns at the moment.