Deck the halls with........ red bags, only kidding, but it is very Christmassy. I made this one a while back out of Naturally Luxury Double Knit - 50% NZ Wool and 50% NZ Mohair (can't find it on Naturally's site, maybe discontinued) so it's a little fuzzier than usual but it felted beautifully. Last night I sat down and finally stitched all the rings in place, that's all I had to do! This one is for me to replace my charcoal grey bag which is never at home because it is a pattern sample at the local shop. Not sure whether a felted bag looks too wintery for summer in Australia but the colour looks good to me.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

oh i love this bag - i love the colour, i love the style - it's fabulous.
i'm envious