Meet Fang

This is my new helper in the kitchen. 'Fang' is a Venus Fly Trap carnivorous plant that will hopefully do his bit to keep the little house flies out of our kitchen. Actually he is my daughters newest pet, I have had him hiding in my sewing room window for a few weeks and yesterday I remembered him, he should have been wrapped for Christmas a few days back...........what a dill I am. Anyway Darling Daughter loves him and can't wait to see him snap up a fly. I watered him this morning and one of his jaws snapped shut thinking he had trapped lunch only to find it was only a splash of water, very interesting plant for us all to observe.

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Anonymous said...

I love Fang. We've had several Fangs over the years. If you are very, VERY lucky they will bloom a little white flower.

I'm looking for a new "Fang". I had a Borneo Pitcher Plant, but it was killed when the yard man inadvertantly got weed killer on it. So, I've been looking in all the shops trying to find a new "Fang".