Australia Day and Australian of the Year

Well my dad would've been very proud that Lee Kernaghan has been honoured with the title of Australian of the Year for 2008. My dad and Lee's dad were the best of mates as young men in country Australia. They used to get around together singing and racing around in great old cars. Dad was Ray's best man at his wedding, and his parents were guests at my wedding a few years back. I must dig out the wonderful old photos of Lee and I in the snow together when we were toddlers, apparently I planted my face in the snow as soon as I got off the bus. When Lee's little brother Greg was born I was born two days later and the new mums shared a room in the maternity ward. I remember when Lee first appeared on the local TV station as a 'new talent' act when he was a teen, he sang 'Great Balls of Fire' while playing the piano, he was very talented even then. It was always fun at the Kernaghan home, lots of music, good food, lots of goofing around in their music room or riding mini bikes in the park next door. I haven't seen Lee for many years but I know mum and dad followed his career and kept in contact with his parents but sadly my dad passed away 8 years ago and has missed this wonderful day. I have to say I am not much of a country music follower but you have to give Lee credit for the work he has done for rural Australians suffering so much during times of devastating drought. Well done!

Here is dad (left) singing with Ray (centre) and another friend in the late 50's.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

I'm with you - I don't really like country and western but I thought the honour was well deserved for once. It is a shame that you dad couldn't be around to see it.