It's a small world

This has been the sum of my world for the last few days. So sorry for the lack of blogging but I just need another day in the week and some peace and QUIET. I am busily working on finishing a quilt ready for hanging in the shop this week. As I have said in the last post it has been terribly difficult to get the quilting mojo happening with a houseful of family and other assorted bods hanging around. I think it's possibly a little early in the day to start drinking my preferred drink (red wine) before I have breakfast so I grabbed a piece of 'red' fabric and got my meandering happening before I tackled the quilt, you need to be very relaxed to get it flowing evenly. I just used up all the odd rolls of thread going around and around relaxing into the free motion quilting thing. It's working, nearly done with the quilting and guess what I am even enjoying it! It does tend to make your world very small when you spend your days working away under blue light for hours on end getting the BSR foot (affectionately known as my Bloody Stitch Readjustor) which is a wonder of modern engineering that had lots of input from women quilters I'm sure when it was in the design stage. The Bernina Stitch Regulator is a machine quilters dream come true, it keeps you working at a steady pace because there is an alarm if you go too fast and all this results in much more even stitch length, and it really does work!


Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - looks like fun but i'm really not at that stage. i'm still looking at my fabric in awe and hoping i don't cut it wrong.

Dee said...

How cool is that! I love the red fabric with the thread swirls!