Best beauty tip for 2008

I provide this tip for all my Australian readers. This is something I came across while doing the grocery shopping and the supermarket even included the page from Choice magazine showing the test results. This little jar of cream costs $1.80 currently and came out 3rd in the big list of creams and for my money I think it's a fabulous product. I use it liberally at that price, it's my night cream, hand cream and all over the body cream, no rashes or adverse effects at all. Click on the table above or the link to have a read about it's many virtues and the other creams it was tested against. The prices of the creams ranged from 20 cents ranked 32nd, per 50ml or g up to a staggering $93.00 which ranked 34th out of 47 products.

I have given this cream as a gift to a few close friends and family last Christmas. I removed the sticky label and tied a lovely chiffon ribbon around the tub and gave it to my unsuspecting recipients so they could try it without bias from the label. You wouldn't believe the rave reviews I received over this gift. I'm using this post as the reveal to the source of this wonderful cream.

Try it, you will be pleasantly surprised. It is of course on the bottom shelf at Woolworths supermarkets. Let me know what you think, would love to hear from you.


Levin (and Emily) said...

i will definately try the cream. i'm always in the market for a good cream and a cheap one is even better!

love the shirt down below - which out of the two patterns was the easiest?


2paw said...

We has a seminar about skin care and the 'skin' lady talked us through the labels and suggested we use the plainest cream with the least ingredients!!! Nice top!!!