Eco friendly bags

What to do with a stash of linen upholstery samples gifted to me a long while back? I know they are a bit old fashioned and flowery but the fabric is so good I couldn't waste it. I really disliked that my stash of knitting wool, old patterns and UFO's were all stored in recycled plastic shopping bags which looked awful in my sewing room. Today I have made 12 really big simple flat bags that I can store all my knitting supplies in and they look so much nicer and probably are much better for the wool and paper than being suffocated in plastic as they have been for years. So if someone offers you a sample book of good quality fabrics................make storage bags, much better for the environment and it is recycling.

Please excuse me now I need to go and do some knitting!


Donna said...

Lisa, What a great idea. I am going to try out my rusty sewing skills on my old Sears Sewing machine. I really like the idea of coordinating my knitting containers. Loved the pictures of the hungry birds and your little night gown is too sweet. I hope lovely daughter is feeling better-Annie is just adorable and sounds like a great cat. Have fun and thanks for entering my contest-good luck!

Kathy said...

these are so sweet!

Levin (and Emily) said...

what a great idea. i was lucky enough to be given bags and bags of fabric to use - some of it is upholstery/curtain fabric - which would do the job beautifully and like you i can stash all my stash!