A fresh start

I know you all want to know what I have been up to lately. I have realised I seem to have been missing in action with my blogging but there was a good reason really. I have a very small crafting space in our home which is a glorified corridor from our lounge room to our main bedroom and it is 2m x 4m and it had become the most horrendously messy and unorganised space ever. I hate working in a mess and I had ground to a halt with my creativity it seemed. So the time had come for a major reworking of that little room I call my sewing studio and do you know how long it took me to sort out. FIVE DAYS! As you move along in your crafting activities, fashions change, tastes change and you move on to different crafts and this all leads to a room of chaos. No more for me, it's all sorted and stowed. I have thrown out a lot of stuff for the local charity shop, some for Ebay selling later and given some to friends. Today I am heading back into my new tidy creating space to sit and work away at redesigning a mans shirt into one for myself which I am itching to get to now the weekends worth of washing has been tackled. So until I have something to show for myself I will be in my Sewing Studio!


Anonymous said...

Your sewing niche looks great.

I need to reorganize my stuff soon. It drives me crazy to have to root through a whole pile of stuff to find what I want.

But first --- household duties call.

2paw said...

Oh you have done such a good job. It looks great!!