Hot breath.

I have chosen to work on improving my macro capabilities, this opportunity has come about through a lovely blogger named Laura of orange flower where a challenge has been set for 30 days and the photos will appear on a Flickr group. Not sure if I will keep up with the daily challenge but at this stage I would like to so keep your eyes open and you might see some improvements. I use a Canon S3IS Powershot camera and the only photo editing software I have is ArcSoft photo Studio for Canon which I have never used, all my usual adjustments are done in the free to download Google Picasa2. I have so much to learn and am really looking forward to learning how my camera actually works in manual mode and all about lighting. The photo today is from my ever growing collection of old china pieces I am finding locally, an interesting window into the lives of the early settlers of this area and very therapeutic for me to wander the foreshore for a few minutes every couple of days. I think these two pieces are possibly from one vessel and I love the fire breathing dragon warming the naked man. Does anyone recognise this pattern or the maker, the only mark on the back of the floral piece is a blue letter 'C'.

Click on the photos for closer viewing.

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Dee said...

Sounds like an interesting challenge.

You and I have the same camera!