17 and 18/30

Through the eye

Red head

Now my regular readers will know of my dear friend Ron who is 91 and that he has had a lifelong love of photography and is a great source of knowledge. He still has a keen interest in digital photography and computers, he is certainly keeping his brain cells ticking over. A while back he sent me these two slides he had shot and then a photo of the camera used for the task. Now you have to remember these were taken many years ago, before all the modern technology we have at the push of a button. Pretty damn good don't you think! I guess a bit of the clarity has disappeared over the years, there is a bit of lint on them and they were emailed to me. We are spoiled when we can mostly just push on the macro button or add a macro lens to our modern digital cameras.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

my...what a big lens that is! amazing photos - I miss my old camera and film. there was something very exciting about waiting for the development to find out what you got and what was good.