Cat christening

Our dear old cat has an absolute obsession with quilts, she just has to be on them no matter where they are. I have just received this Kaffe quilt back from the quilter today and trimmed the excess fabric and batting from the edges ready to stitch on the binding minutes before Miss Puss plonked herself down. Now I have to tell you the rug is new this week also and until I placed the quilt on it Miss Puss just wouldn't put her paws on it, she keep running around the outer edges on the wooden floor too timid to walk on the luxuriously soft New Zealand pure wool rug. She is very strange! I just love the Baptist fan quilting pattern my quilter has worked for me, I felt this quilt just needed lots of curves to soften it and give it some more texture. I won't get to do the binding for a few days, school holidays have begun and we are busy for about 5 days. Hope to have some more photos for the blog when I return and maybe even some knitting show and tell. Until then if you are school holidaying, strength and sustenance to you and if not carry on with whatever you are creating and let us know about it, will look forward to catching up with all of the blogs when I return.
Click on the photos to see the quilting up close and the grey hairs on our old puss.


Anonymous said...

Have a good holiday with the kids!

I'll be knitting away quietly. DS is between semesters at school so he'll be home all week in the evenings, but he's working all day so I have the house all to myself!

Allison Fouse said...

When my grandma came to visit when I was a kid, our cats always wanted to sit on her lap. She HATES cats! hehe. Cats are so funny like that.

Levin (and Emily) said...

cats are so funny. i love introducing a new piece of furniture to the house (or even worse, re-arranging furniture). Georgie spends hours walking around it, sniffing it, jumping six feet in the air if something moves! quite comical.
We are on holidays now too - can't wait to hear all about your holiday.

2paw said...

Beautiful quilt. The cat is like The Labradors who insist on lying on Everything I make. Always!!

Rachel said...

Your cat is so cute - scared to walk on the new rug! I've knit a lot of projects from One Skein - cable footies for me, and the baby bolero & petal bib are great gifts! Those are my favorites.