A Fairy Tale Princess

Once upon a time there was a little Ring Tail Possum called Princess and she loved living in the native trees and shrubs in our garden with the rest of her family but one day she had a nasty accident and has had to submit to lots of care and attention to make her better again.

We really hope this fairy tale has a happy ending someday soon.

I have taken a few more photos today so you can see how very beautiful she is and all her great adaptations for living her life in the trees. She is very photogenic don't you think? The soles of her feet are hard and leathery with sharp little nails perfect for gripping onto branches. The bottom third of her tail has a bare underside which is made for gripping and grasping as a fifth limb which could be really handy when you are racing around at night searching out fresh leaves, flowers and fruit.


Levin (and Emily) said...

she is very cute!

Dee said...

Princess must be very tame and trusting.

A long time ago a friend had a pet raccoon (Coony) --- I know, original name, eh?

Anyway, Coony had the softest feet bottoms. They were like fine leather gloves. I remember being very surprised considering the type of life they lead. I expected rough, tough feet.

I know raccoons can be BIG pests, but I think they are just adorable, just like Princess.

On the other hand --- our possums? Not so cute! As a matter of fact, really UGLY!

Jelly Wares said...

Great Pics!!! I too hope this fairy tale has a happy ending for you both..

Jodie :)

Rachel said...

I really hope she recovers quickly! It's so wonderful that you are watching out for her!