Mini break

The view from my sisters cabin............not bad!

Sunning seals

Merimbula wharf and aquarium

Old Tom

This is how it was done
Whaling boats of old
Fishing is the game
Protected harbour
Boat sheds

Cousins at play
On top of the world

Too cool

We had a few days away with my sister and her family during the school holidays on the very beautiful Sapphire Coast of southern NSW. We stayed in Merimbula at the Merimbula Beach Holiday Park. We visited Pambula and Pambula beach by bicycle along a great bike path, need to improve my fitness! We loved the Pambula River mouth, great white sand, old boat sheds and volcanic rock formations. Spent a rainy day in Eden and learned so much about the whaling history of this town at their great little Killer Whale Museum, I particularly liked the story of 'Old Tom' the Killer Whale who worked with the whalers to bring the whale into the harbour. Australia is an anti whaling nation these days and Eden is now a very busy fishing port. Everyone ate, fish, squid, oysters and prawns till we couldn't eat another thing back at our cabins at night, it's a great place for buying fresh seafood. Merimbula itself is a very busy little holiday spot, great food, interesting shops, great walks, lovely beaches and interesting foreshore areas. I especially loved the Australian Fur Seal sculptures in the main street.


Gina said...

Looks like the perfect spot for a family get-away. Gorgeous beach and interesting museum - shame we missed visiting Merimbula on our trip in parents have visited twice and I can see why they loved it so much! :O)

Jason said...

Merimbula is an awesome place isn't it?

I moved back here from the city recently and cant get enough of it.