'This is............'

.............embarrassing, I don't really have a knick-knack, jewellery box that I use. My jewellery is stored in a plastic fishing tackle organiser, not very glamorous but it sure does make it easy to find things quickly and stops bits getting tangled up together. I never remove my pearl earrings unless a special occasion calls for a change and my three rings I wear everyday are what I have for show and tell to day. Now if you are an Aussie you will have no doubt heard of Miss Lara 'So where the bloody hell are you?' Bingle getting engaged to one of our baggy green wearing cricketers Michael 'Pup' Clarke very recently and that the rock that sealed the agreement was a reportedly $300,000 Nicola Cerrone diamond ring which is yet to be seen in the New Idea deal. Almost 20 years ago I became engaged to Dear Husband and he likewise bought a Nicola Cerrone ring for bargaining power but lets just say it wasn't quite as pricey as Lara's. It has served me well through the years although with 13 diamonds it could have been considered very unlucky for an impending marriage. I also love white and yellow golds worked together which has been said to be unlucky also, my other two rings I wear on one finger together and they are both two coloured. I can't say I have been dealt bad luck any more so than others and I will continue to wear my 13 diamonds with yellow and white gold for many years to come. I apologise for having no glamorous little box of gems to show like many of the other girls. I am a little envious of some that I have seen on the other blogs that are participating in the "This is.........." meme co-ordinated by Three Buttons.


2paw said...

$300,000???!!! Truly, I can't believe that cricketers earn that much!!! Love your jewellery. Pshaw to the naysayers!!!

Rachel said...

How could something so beautiful be bad luck? :)

Anonymous said...

My jewelry is stored in a little plastic "food storage" box. Change the pearls for diamond earrings and the pattern on the ring from swirls to celtic knots and our jewelry is very similar.

My wedding ring is white gold knots banded by thin rings of yellow gold.

But only one ring most of the time. For dress up I wear a thin gold wedding band with my engagement ring (a single diamond w/emerald side stones).

Your rings are lovely. They have a very vintage feel to them.

Jenny said...

Your rings are beautiful and you have photographed them so well!

Maureen said...

Lovely rings...and say it like they say at bingo here..13, Unlucky for some - but not for you.

Gawd, all those bingo games withMY Nana have warped me.