Too early

I'm not at my best first thing in the morning............and I don't really want to see how much I weigh!

Now this little girl can really pee and let me tell you the smell of fresh possum pee is not something you want to remember too often, think very fermented fruit and because Princess is not completely mobile just yet lets just say her bedding needs changing fairly regularly. Now I mentioned this to her original carer and she sent me an email to tell me she hadn't told me the little ones whole name............'Princess Pia' so now I realise why I'm doing a load of smelly washing every day, just like the good old days when my littlies were wearing remember the smell of a toddlers early morning nappy............are such sweet memories!


Rachel said...

I can't believe possums purr like cats, what a neat fact! As a total animal-lover I think it's so awesome that you're helping her!

Dee said...

A princess MUST get her beauty sleep!

Levin (and Emily) said...

from where i'm sitting it all sounds so cute! but then i'm not the one dealing with all that wee. I must admit, i sighed with relief when louis stopped wearing nappies.
goodluck with all your nappies.