Nesting and a little knitting

No blogging lately, I think I must be pregnant.............nah, not really but I have been seriously decluttering and cleaning this house of ours................reminds me of the nesting that went on before Surfer Boy and Darling Daughter arrived. We have lived here for so long and all the cupboards are bulging with stuff so the local charity shops will have a delivery later in the week and I have a tiny bit more space in my wardrobe only until the ironing mountain is tackled. Also moved all the large appliances and dusted and cleaned behind and under, what a huge effort that job is. I have really sore dry hands from all the cleaning so not much craftiness going on in the evenings but I am working on a new bag using stripes to create a nice diagonal blended look with two colours, just about up to the handle section which I have planned in my head.

Princess Pia is nesting in a little cane basket she found this morning so I place her in the trug and she's sleeping like a baby. Notice the healed wound on her tail, a bite mark probably, she really has overcome some terrible injuries. She's doing so well and making small improvements everyday which is so good to see. Click on the photo for a really closeup look at the little cutey with her hands clasped under her chin.

Thanks for all my readers who keep visiting and are not finding a new post to read, I will try harder to post more often..........I promise!


Anonymous said...

Does Pia spend most of her time sleeping?

She is awfully cute! You sure are going to miss that little girl when it's time to go.

Rachel said...

Your knitting looks so great - I love blue and brown together!

Gina said...

Hi Lisa :) Another gorgeous bag on the way..such superb colour combo. I'm just starting a big declutter here and as soon as I fill a bag it goes straight in the car boot, taken next trip..cause usually I weaken and pull things back out! Sweet little Pia, she looks so relaxed..all tuckered out watching you work no doubt! :O) Gx

Nan said...

I love the way the knitting is turning out with using the alternating rows, and the texture the diagonal pattern gives it too, is this going to be felted? I wonder and imagine what the 2 optical patterns will create when felted if it is. I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished project.