Sore fingers

Finally, it's complete! Last night I finished the last stitch of the hand stitching of the binding on this large quilt that I have been working on for sometime. Miss Puss must have known I needed company to get me to the finish, my little Research and Development Assistant is always willing to test new quilts or knits. We did it together and I really like the finished result, a lovely warm cosy quilt for the family to use on the lounge this winter. I have a few left overs from these two quilts so maybe I will make a small quilt for the lonesome lounge chair or a couple of loud cushions for a pair of sea grass chairs that are looking a bit naked in the dining room. Not today though I'm on a mission to finish a pieced bag for a friend and I'm well over halfway now which is good because she's off overseas next week and this is a bag she has planned to use for the evening dining events, she's very organised with her wardrobe.


Anonymous said...

The colors in your new quilt are beautiful. I love the contrast of the black and hot pink! You do beautiful work.

Miss Puss seems to approve too.

Wisdom.Courage.Love said...

Great quilt... I am making the one that you have on your lounge underneath the new one but in black, red and white!!!

Levin (and Emily) said...

beautiful colours for those bleak, grey winter days. perfect for snuggling under.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Love the colours on your quilt - looks really effective, and adds a nice splash of colour to your sofa.