..........I have time to myself. Dear Husband has just worked 8 days straight and 4 nights on call and then had the last 3 days at home cramping my creativity somewhat! Also had kids home for the long weekend and Darling Daughter home yesterday with recurring tonsillitis!! I need some time on my own and today is it, so lots to do, been busy already. Really need to post so you all know I am fine just time is not my own. I have been working away at tidying the sewing studio and I began sewing again felt really good and I made 3 items, a beanie, a scarf and a bag all with fringed trims, I think they look good and they are so cosy all made from an angora and lambswool jumper. Very soon I hope to be selling my recycled wares at a local art gallery, will keep you posted.

I found two great embroidery books this week at a thrift store, one is hand embroidery and the other machine, really impressed with these two early 1970's books. The work is so textural and detailed, just love it. I know my friend Rachel of Cornflower Blue Studio will be very envious...........she doesn't need the books she is so very creative already!

I'm currently knitting a bag I call 'Peas' but last night I decided to add a row of red peas so maybe I should call it 'Beads', anyway I'm enjoying knitting this bag and hope it will turn out with a polka dot effect once felted.

So now I have 6 hours and 19 minutes till the kids arrive home on the school bus for the weekend. Much to do, must be off. Now that sounds like I'm a witch on my broomstick but it is Friday the 13th and there is an old black cat snoozing on my unmade that bad luck?

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Nan said...

I am looking forward to seeing the new bag felted, Pea's or Beads, no matter to me, I love the concept and design, and hope you get the results your are aiming for!