Saturday morning to myself

I had to fill in 3 hours in town yesterday while Darling Daughter worked at the local patchwork store. Now this town is very small and 3 hours is a long time on a cold windy winters morning...........what to do? The library, lots of new fiction and non fiction for me, that was good. Next stop two thrift stores, don't really need anything but I did find some novels for Darling Daughter and Surfer Boy, great for lying in bed with on a cold morning. I also found a little milk glass footed compote dish with lacy edges of which I have a similar probably isn't a piece of Fenton Glassware but it was only 50 cents. Next an unusual yellow and brown vase, lovely glaze with a matte gilt edge, really nice shape I thought, will look good with pansies in it. It has a series of stamped numbers on the base but no brand...........I just liked it!

Went to the big department store, what a revolting place, over-crowded and a giant mess, walked straight out the door. Next stop the local markets, lots of fresh produce, handmade goods, secondhand goods and plenty to entertain me. I actually had a really good morning out and without any pressure to do anything at all I had fun.

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Dee said...

I like everything that you bought. The vase is really unique and artsy.

I really could move into your house and be quite happy. LOL You have lovely taste.