Walking socks

One more pair of socks completed, they fit great and will be very useful with the nasty cold snap we have been experiencing lately. Notice the striping is almost identical in each sock, just a nice stroke of luck rather than good management. I have been very envious of my friend Dee's latest socks on her needles so am being a copy cat and making myself a pair too, really great lacy pattern that is so very simple. The pattern 'Spring Forward' is from the latest issue of Knitty and can be found right here, easy to follow instructions and all is going well just about to start the heel flap. Sorry my photo doesn't show the patterning, you will have to wait until I finish one so I can try it on and show you or have a look at Dee's gorgeous stripey one. I am using a plain pale pink Lang Jawoll sock yarn that comes with a small spool of fine wool to knit into the heels and toes which suffer the most wear and tear, what a great idea!

I have been out walking today, round the neighbourhood and then back along the river and I stumbled across a third piece of the same old china vessel, this is the largest piece so far and has quite a bit of lovely blue patterning. Anybody recognise the design? The seas have been really rough which is always good for uncovering more old china treasures for me to spy while wandering along the shores.


Lisa said...

They are just beautiful, and that identical striping is a wonderful stroke of luck.

Anonymous said...

Your socks turned out lovely. I love that pink JaWoll and it's just perfect for a "spring" forward sock. Maybe it will bring you some warmer weather.

I don't know what the china pattern is, but it's very spring-y too.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh what a gorgeous pink you are working with.

Rachel said...

How lucky that your striping matched up so well! The new pair look really nice, too. : )

Levin (and Emily) said...

can i come and learn how to knit socks with you?

Maureen said...

That pink is just beyond beautiful. The other socks are lovely to but that pink just says cosy, cosy, cosy.

Interesting pattern on the china; I've never seen that.