Pia in the trees

Keen to get going

A thumb and 4 claws on each rear foot. The line on her tummy is her pouch opening where one day she will carry her babies.

Gripping and grasping, notice the big chunk bitten out of her ear, she also had a big bite on her lower tail

Little buck teeth and a pink nose

That tail is a handy thing

That look...........I'm tired !


Little Princess Pia is practising her tree climbing every day now, she's getting better at it each time she swings around in our garden. She climbs from my shoulder in whichever tree or bush takes her fancy. Her back legs are still weak but she's is beginning to grasp branches and uses her tail as an extra point of contact, she gets scared and starts breathing fast and heavy but she is determined. When she's had enough she has that look in her eye and she willingly lets me pluck her off the branch and she snuggles in my arms...........she's a real sook. These photos are from this mornings effort it is a very bright sunny spring morning and it was tricky trying to avoid shooting straight into the sun.

If you click on any of the photos you will see so much more detail, you can even see me in her eye in the last photo..........still in my PJ's!


Marius said...

VERY VERY nice picture
congrats really congrats :)
greetings from italy

Anonymous said...

Looks like Pia's rehabilitation is coming along quite well.

She sure is a cute little thing.

While you anticipate spring ... we're getting ready for fall. When the full moon came up tonight it was so big and orange! BEAUTIFUL!

Now we are having evening thunderstorms (collision of east and west coast sea breezes). It's quite the light show out there right now.

Nan said...

I never would have noticed the reflection in Pia's eye of you taking her picture if you hadn't pointed it out, I just thought that was really neat!

Mandi said...

Ohhhh how wonderful to see Pia doing so well...she looks really healthy....you have all done a fab job of caring for her.....do you think she can ever return to the wild or will she always have to stay with you guys...whatever....please keep up the up dates I love seeing how she is getting on....hope surfer boy is heaps better now....take are...xx

Levin (and Emily) said...

wow - she really has come a long way. soon she'll be as good as new. do you think she will stay near you? or will she return to the wild?

Lisa said...

Way to go Pia! It is wonderful to see her doing so well.

Bronwyn said...

Love these photos Lisa - I love and appreciate our possums, which is not the common feeling towards them around my place - many people hate them for eating their roses and jumping on roofs, etc. but I say, let them be, and appreciate them for the gorgeous creature they are - your photos certainly do them justice.