Raving on a bit............apologies!

I am excited to tell you I have finally got my head around Ravelry, 'the knit and crochet community website'. I had joined way back in November last year but hadn't really worked out how it all functions. Anyway a while back I discovered I was listed as 'Lisa Ashton designer' on Ravelry which happened because last year I had one of my knitted and felted bag design published in an Australian knitting magazine named 'Yarn'. So I set about having my designer profile linked to my Ravelry username 'lisajane', that done I decided a designer shop was needed. I tested the waters with a free down loadable glasses case, it works, 9 people have downloaded it since yesterday. Now I have moved on and have worked out a bit more of how this site ticks and have managed to add 8 of my knitted and felted bags designs to my shop and you can now buy them and download them instantly in pdf format. While I slept last night one person bought a pattern and was delighted at how easy the process was now she's winding wool ready to begin knitting.

So if you are a Raveller then come in and have a look, if your not signed up then get to it here! When I signed up it took weeks to be admitted but currently the wait for your invitation is about 4 days. It is an amazing community of very talented people and it is so easy to find what you are looking for whether it be; patterns, yarns, books, magazines, designers and loads more.


My Love is..... said...

FANTASTIC news about your patterns on ravelry!!

Lisa [strickerin] said...

I didn't realise your work was in Yarn. I will have to take another look at my copies when I get back home. Off to take a look for you on Ravelry now.

Lisa [strickerin] said...

Sorry for the double post, but I just had a look at you on Ravelry. Your bag was the cover of Yarn wasn't it? I loved that one.