Halloween hopefuls

Here in Australia Halloween isn't celebrated much at all but this year Darling Daughter and her two friends hatched a plan on the school bus home this afternoon. They decided to dress up and give it a shot in our little village, not sure what sort of reception they will get, I don't think they even really understand what Halloween is about or what they are supposed to do regarding 'Trick or Treat'............I think all they are keen on are the goodies that they may or may not receive. I just wish I had thought of it today when I was in town and then I would've had some treats ready for any visitors we might have tonight. We've had two little boys on bicycles not dressed up but toting plastic bags attempt to enter our yard but our very scary deaf and blind old dog prevented them from lifting the latch........................scary dog must mean scarier people so they didn't hang around for long!


Crafty Cripple said...

They never used to Trick or Treat much in the UK until recently. Since we moved to an area with a higher proportion of families, with young children, I have noticed more kids in costumes asking for goodies. I don't mind so much, provided they have gone to some effort (ie not thinking a bin liner with arm holes cut out will do the trick). Last year we had some real cutie pies and I didn't have anything to give, so this year I have bought in especially. What's the betting no-one will call this year. Ah well more sweeties for me LOL

Rest is not idleness said...

I can remember trick or treating way back in the early 70's in Howick, we got dressed up as witches, ghosts and I think a scarecrow. I seem to remember we did quite well out of it, although most people didn't know what it was all about. We had a really great night and sleepover. I hope your daughter and her friends had as good a time as we did.
take care

Dee said...

We haven't had as many kids as past years. Most of them have been older.

I told Steve that we've lived here so long that all the little kids are teens now.

But, they've all been dressed up AND very, VERY polite. It's been a fun night handing out the M&Ms.