Having a ball........

..........now wasn't this was a fabulous find a couple of weeks back and it might get an outing this weekend as it's looking like it will be terrific picnicking weather. This INGRID picnic ball was made in Chicago and I've found a little bit of information about them on the www also found a few that have been on Ebay and Etsy. This set is a very retro 70's item that was copied in the 80's by Guzzini. There are 6 bowls, small plates, larger plates and tumblers, 2 large serving bowls and a platter/tray and it all stows away in the two large bowls which make the ball when you add the strap handle. Only 2 of the large plates have marks so all in all a great find for $5. I know my friend Sarah London is going to be green with envy as she is currently mad for yellow and retro! I've dug out our scrappy picnic quilt in readiness for a little eating outdoors sometime this weekend so there might be more snaps of the picnic ball in action soon.

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Levin (and Emily) said...

i'm green with envy!
i love your picnic set. my parents used to have a white one, many years ago, but it's since been thrown out. such a shame really.
hope you enjoy your picnic.